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Function Suite at Charnock Richard

About Figaro's

As we are a first generation of Italians, there are many things we remember about growing up. We recall the spendid amount of time with our Grandfathers while our Fathers were off fighting in the war. What we did most was eat - because our Grandfathers 'lived to eat'. Italians seldom had large dining rooms, so we ate in the kitchen. That's where we always gathered to talk, laugh, play, dream and most importantly - to enjoy developing lots of food! No matter who dropped by, they were always welcomed into our kitchen with open arms.

In the kitchens at our homes, we always had green table cloths, and a gallon jug of our Grandfathers' home-made wine.

Our Grandfathers used to tell us that we should eat heartier foods in the cold winter months and lighter dishes in the hot summer months. At Figaro's we are going to follow our Grandfathers' advice. Although the majority of our menu will remain consistent in terms of general dishes throughout the year, as the seasons change, so will our Specials Board which we will change and develop as the seasons change.

We invite you to share in these timeless traditions, while enjoying the many creations of our passionate Chefs.

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